Welcome to Jupiter!

What is Jupiter? ##

Jupiter is the base platform needed to run the Gravity framework for information storage and decentralized application building. Jupiter is built from Nxt's system based on cryptography and blockchain technology.

Get it! ##

  • pre-packaged - and download the latest release.

  • dependencies:

    • General - Java 8

    • Ubuntu - apt install openjdk-8-jdk-headless

    • Debian -

    • FreeBSD - pkg install openjdk8

    • MacOS (from Terminal)

      • brew tap AdoptOpenJDK/openjdk

      • brew install --cask adoptopenjdk8

      • To check, java -version

  • Repository - git clone

Run it! ##

  • Click on the Jupiter icon, or start from the command line:

    • Unix: bash

    • Window: run.bat

  • Wait for the JavaFX wallet window to open.

  • On platforms without JavaFX, open http://localhost:7876/ in a browser.

Compile it! ##

  • If necessary with: ./

  • You need jdk-8 as well.

Improve it! ##

  • We love pull requests

  • We love issues (resolved ones actually ;-) )

  • In any case, make sure you leave your ideas at GitHub

  • Assist others on the issue tracker

  • Review existing code and pull requests

Troubleshooting the JRS (Jupiter Reference Software) ##

  • How to Stop the JRS Server?

    • Click on Jupiter Stop icon, or run bash

    • Or if started from command line, ctrl+c or close the console window.

  • UI Errors or Stacktraces?

    • Report on Github

  • Permissions Denied?

    • No spaces and only latin characters in the path to the JRS installation directory.

    • Known jetty issue.

Further Reading (WIP)##

  • In this repository: