The purpose of broadcast transaction is to support client side signing of transactions. BuyAlias CalculateFullHash CancelAskOrder CancelBidOrder CanDeleteCurrency CastVote ClearUnconfirmedTransactions CreatePoll CurrencyBuy
Buy currency for NXT CurrencyMint
Generate new currency units CurrencyReserveClaim
Claim currency units and receive back NXT invested into this currency before it became active CurrencyReserveIncrease
Increase the value of currency units by paying NXT CurrencySell
The EncodeQRCode API converts a UTF-8 string to a base64-encoded jpeg image of a 2-D QR (Quick Response) code, using the ZXing library. EncryptTo EventRegister
The EventRegister API will create an event listener and register one or more server events. EventWait
The GetAccountLedger API will return entries from the account ledger. GetAccountLedgerEntry
The GetAccountLedgerEntry API will return an entry from the account ledger. GetAccountLessors GetAccountPhasedTransactionCount GetAccountPhasedTransactions GetAccountProperties GetAccountPublicKey GetAccountShufflings GetAccountTaggedData GetAlias GetAliasCount GetAliases GetAliasesLike GetAllAssets GetAllBroadcastedTransactions GetAllCurrencies GetAllExchanges GetAllOpenAskOrders GetAllOpenBidOrders GetAllPhasingOnlyControls GetAllPrunableMessages GetAllShufflings GetAllTaggedData GetAllTrades GetAllWaitingTransactions GetAskOrder GetAskOrderIds GetAskOrders GetAsset GetAssetAccountCount GetAssetAccounts GetAssetDeletes GetAssetDividends GetAssetIds GetAssetPhasedTransactions GetAssets GetAssetsByIssuer GetAssetTransfers GetAssignedShufflings GetAvailableToBuy GetAvailableToSell GetBalance GetBidOrder GetBidOrderIds GetBidOrders GetBlock GetBlockchainStatus GetBlockchainTransactions GetBlockId GetBlocks GetBuyOffers GetChannelTaggedData GetConstants GetCurrencies GetCurrenciesByIssuer GetCurrency GetCurrencyAccountCount GetCurrencyAccounts GetCurrencyFounders GetCurrencyIds GetCurrencyPhasedTransactions GetCurrencyTransfers GetDataTagCount GetDataTags GetDataTagsLike GetDGSExpiredPurchases GetDGSGood GetDGSGoods GetDGSGoodsCount GetDGSGoodsPurchaseCount GetDGSGoodsPurchases GetDGSPendingPurchases GetDGSPurchase GetDGSPurchaseCount GetDGSPurchases GetDGSTagCount GetDGSTags GetDGSTagsLike GetECBlock GetExchanges GetExchangesByExchangeRequest GetExchangesByOffer GetExpectedAskOrders GetExpectedAssetDeletes GetExpectedAssetTransfers GetExpectedBidOrders GetExpectedBuyOffers GetExpectedCurrencyTransfers GetExpectedExchangeRequests GetExpectedOrderCancellations GetExpectedSellOffers GetExpectedTransactions GetForging GetFundingMonitor
The GetInboundPeers API will return a list of inbound peers. GetLastExchanges GetLastTrades GetLinkedPhasedTransactions GetLog
The GetLog API will return log messages from the ring buffer maintained by the MemoryHandler log handler. GetMetis GetMetisServers GetMintingTarget
Currency miners can use this API to obtain their target hash value for minting currency units GetMyInfo GetNextBlockGeneratorsTemp
The GetNextBlockGenerators API will return the next block generators ordered by the hit time. GetOffer GetOrderTrades GetPeer GetPeers GetPhasingOnlyControl
The SetLogging API will set the NRS log level for all log messages. SetPhasingOnlyControl
Sets an account control that blocks transactions unless they are phased with certain parameters ShapeShiftProxyServlet ShufflingCancel ShufflingCreate ShufflingProcess ShufflingRegister ShufflingVerify Shutdown SignTransaction StartForging StartFundingMonitor
Start a funding monitor StartShuffler StopForging StopFundingMonitor