Reuse old alias in Metis

How to recover your Metis alias and use in a new account!
Thank you to our longtime friend and community member LetsTryThis for the guide below!
The core of Metis 1.4 has changed substantially. Therefore, old Metis accounts can’t be used anymore. Aliases are unique and thus you can’t directly create a new account with your old alias. However, there is a solution. This removes the alias from the old account, but as that account can’t be used in Metis anymore it is not a problem, and makes it available for your new account. Note: after removing the alias this alias is available for EVERYONE, so be sure to directly register your new account afterwards so no-one else can claim it. Also, perform this procedure only with aliases you have used before in Metis yourself! Not with aliases some people might offer for sale, as that is untested territory.
In this tutorial I will use my old alias Screenshot.
Screenshot of alias
Open your local Jupiter wallet, or use the web wallet
Select "Returning User"
Select "Returning User"
If you know your JUP address (Metis account ID) you can log in using that, otherwise, click on the key icon and enter your 12-word passphrase.
Use your JUP account or your 12 word passphrase to log in.
On the dashboard, click on “More info” in the aliases’ block.
Click 'More info".
Now you see your alias, and we’re going to delete it by clicking the “Delete” button on the right. You're not really deleting the alias...just unregistering it so others (YOU) can register it!
Click "Delete"
In the modal that appears, enter your 12-word passphrase and click on the “Delete” button. After the transaction has been confirmed, this account doesn’t have an alias anymore.
Input your 12 word passphrase to complete the transaction.
Now it’s time to go back to the Metis app. Be sure you have downloaded version 1.4.
Create a new account using your old alias.
Boom! Old alias, new account!
Be sure you’ve safely stored the passphrase and encryption password!