How to verify the NRS? ##

Releases are signed by Jean-Luc using GPG. It is highly recommended to verify the signature every time you download new version. There are some notes how to do this. This script automates this process on Linux.

How to configure the NRS? ##

  • config files under conf/

  • options are described in config files

  • do not edit conf/nxt-default.properties nor conf/logging-default.properties

  • use own config file instead: conf/nxt.properties or conf/logging.properties

  • only deviations from default config

How to update the NRS? ##

  • if configured as described above, just unpack a new version over the existing installation directory

  • next run of NRS will upgrade database if necessary

How to manage multiple NRS-nodes? ##

Check Nxt-Kit's homepage for more information.