What is in for me with Jupiter? ##

  • a decentralized platform for my assets like money, company shares etc.

  • almost all trusted third parties removed

  • many useful financial, economical and social features

What do I need to do? ##

  • for a quick start, see

  • for configuration and updates, see

How does it work? ##

JRS (Jupiter Reference Software) ###

  • client-server application

  • JavaFX UI on supported platforms

  • also access via a Web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

  • accounts are accessible from everywhere in the world

  • very strong and long passphrases required

Jupiter ###

  • peer-to-peer protocol

  • efficient blockchain technology (can run on low-power devices)

  • allows payment transactions, exchange trading, name registrations, voting and much more

  • no need to trust third parties anymore

  • supported with Gravity framework for easy decentralized database creation and deployment

Forging (aka block generation) ###

  • reward for securing the network

  • start via the browser interface

  • requires only:

    • decent amount of the base currency JUP

    • running JRS (browser or tab can be closed)

    • very little CPU power

How can I contribute? ##

  • review pull requests

  • help users on issues

  • join the forums and find places where you can help

  • get your friends to join Jupiter

  • generate blocks via the forging capability

  • ask us, the dev team

  • use Metis, our in-house application for encrypted communications